What is Yerba Mate

There's a reason that Yerba Mate is exploding in popularity all across the world. Not only is it a fantastic energy source, but it has numerous health benefits as well.

Yerba Mate is one of about 60 plant species in which caffeine is a naturally occurring alkaloid. The other well known "caffeinated" plants include coffee, cocoa beans, and tea leaves.

Yerba Mate originated from natives in Paraguay and is highly popular in South America. In fact, Yerba Mate is considered the "official national drink of Argentina". Yerba Mate is starting to explode in popularity across the world as people are starting to learn of its amazing benefits.

How is Yerba Mate produced?

Yerba Mate comes the dried leaves of an everreen holly called "Ilex paraguariensis", a native plant of South America. The yerba mate tree produces small fruit berries that flower into green/white flowers.

Let's talk about the "dirt"to the "cup" process of how Yerba Mate is grown.

Step 1:

Grow a Yerba Mate tree. These are either "in the wild" or cultivated. Typically it takes 4-6 years of growth before the tree can be harvested.

Step 2:

Harvest the leaves and stems. Wild Yerba Mate trees can be harvested every two years, whereas cultivated trees can be harvested at the end of every winter.

Step 3:

Dry the Yerba Mate leaves and stems. There are numerous ways to do this including natural drying, roasting them over a wood fire, or aging in other mediums for additional flavor (such as wood).

Brewing Yerba Mate

Once the Yerba leaves and stems have dried sufficiently, they are ready for use. Brewing traditional Yerba Mate involves placing the dried leaves and stems in a gourd or a tea satchel. Hot (but not boiling) water is then poured over to release the flavor and other compounds.

Why drink Yerba Boost Yerba Mate?

Our goal at Yerba Boost is to offer a form of Yerba Mate that makes it simple and convenient to consume. That's where Yerba Boost - Yerba Mate comes in.

Simply stir in a packet of our Yerba Mate instant craft powder into a cup of hot water and you will be on your way to enjoying all of the health and natural energy benefits of Yerba Mate.


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